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Reviewing the development of China Qinwang Group, the product development, marketing, service quality, management benefit and brand consciousness has had greater ascension. Power engineering get unanimous favorable comment of customer, and the electrical market share is rising. China Qinwang Group closely focused on the value "Making the electric industry as the basis, international investment and real estate development as the pillar, new energy development as the center, high technology and new technology industry as the direction " The goal is to use diversification strategy, and promote group enterprise to the healthy and the orientation of the development of the sustainable development.

In recent years in China to speed up the power grid construction pace, power grid construction scale, a sharp increase power transmission, distribution facilities and national power transmission from west to east, and the transformation of the substation transmission project of China, China Qinwang Group has made a serious challenge to the market, electrical products, power distribution equipment. Electric power project has a higher and more professional technical and quality requirements.China Qinwang Group people believe that paying the opportunity, challenging aggregates have ideas, having a way, having the technology are development opportunities. Whether the sunshine of the challenge or the challenge with wind and rain, all of us will actively to keep pace ,only pioneering and innovative. Reached the highest, in the world economy can wave of cross the sea.

Looking forward to the future, we will continue to pursue "dedication, struggle,  practice and innovation " which is the spirit of enterprise, continue to adhere to the "first-class enterprise, the pursuit of international well-known brand, make our customers more satisfied" the objective, in domestic and international competition in the market, and realize the sustainable development of the group.China Qinwang Group would like to with all friends and society establish more extensive cooperation with colleagues, the reciprocal benefit altogether wins, and write Chinese China Qinwang Group more beautiful and rapid development of tomorrow.  

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