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China Qinwang Group is a production of high-voltage electrical transmission and distribution equipment, box-type substation, power transformers and power engineering installation and trial-based, international investment, real estate, new green energy, business management, supplemented cross-national non-regional large conglomerates. Group registered capital of 1.2 billion yuan, more than 500 varieties of electrical products species, a total of more than 10,000 specifications, marketing multiple cities nationwide; power engineering results are striking, good reputation, power grid, petrochemicals, coal wells, industrial production, transmission and distribution projects border troops have left our sweat.

Group has a "Power Transmission Engineering Contractor" and "safe production license", "Holds (repair, test) power facilities" and other qualifications, has passed the ISO9000 international quality management system certification, ISO14001: 2004 international environmental management standard construction system and the "CCC" product certification, and obtained "AAA Credit Enterprise", "Chinese consumers shop with confidence Quality reliable products" and other major awards.     

Group strength gifted. Qinwang people, led by the chairman, Liwu Wang, has achieved rapid development, now has six wholly-owned, 52 holding manufacturers, processing more than 300 co-operation of foreign companies, and major cities in the country with more than 600 offices and sales companies. 2011, Zhongwang Group Qinwang International Investment Group Co., Ltd. and a New Energy Co., Ltd. formal operations, marking the Qinwang Group systems from a single electrical industry to international investment and new energy into the area, suggesting Qinwang Group In the next few years, the market prospects unlimited potential opportunity.   

Looking forward to the future, Qinwang people have prepared, the spirit of "top-notch companies, the pursuit of internationally renowned brands, allowing customers more satisfied." The purpose of continuous improvement, beyond and perfect, will win more and more people friendly, trust and friendship !

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