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Qin network participate in Shanhaiguan, Chairman of the Group second meeting of the 14th session of the national people's Congress

Reuters: March 30, 2013, Shanhaiguan district, preparatory meeting for the second meeting of the 14th session of the national peoples Congress and the first plenary session held in Shanhaiguan district, report to the Government halls.

In a solemn national anthem in the opening of the Conference, prepared first through the hands of the electoral lists of the Bureau of the Assembly and the Secretary General. Then, held its first plenary meeting, Cao Yubao district was heard and considered by the General Assembly on behalf of the Government work report made by the Government. Report a comprehensive and objective review of the work of the past year, accurate analysis of the existing problems, and based at Shanhaiguan real, put forward ideas and goals this year. Noted in the report: 2012 district economy rising power; accelerated structural adjustment; propulsion for urban and rural construction and Manpower, and continuous improvement of peoples lives, and strengthen social construction and management. Chang pointed out that while Cao Yubao, 2013 is fully implementing the partys 18 the spirit of the start of the year, is also the key to achieving first to build a well-off society in a year, the importance of doing well this year.

Qin networks Group Chairman, Shanhaiguan Wang Liwu, President of Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce to participate in the meeting and listened to the work report, after which Wang said would actually enhance the performance of the Chairman and the representative of responsibility, ensuring the success of the Congress reflect the hearts of the people, and to address peoples livelihood Assembly.

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Cao Yubao District Government work report

Networks Group Chairman in the Qin dynasty, Shanhaiguan Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce President – Wang Liwu heard the Government work report

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