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Shanhaiguan people's Congress, director Lianming Li visits Qinwang Group

Ben wang news: the morning of September 10, 2012, Shanhaiguans director Lianming Li visits my group to guide the work of inspectors, Qinwang Group chairman Liwu Wang personally received and accompanied by director Li visited the Qin net factory group, Director Li said: " Qin wang Group development is rapid, achievement strikings, but low-key style, he hoped that the Qin Wangneng expand publicity, The visibility of the industry extends to all aspects of society, in order to establish a private enterprise group image example ", At the same time, he also asked in detail about the enterprise in carrying out the work of innovation of science and technology and the development of the difficulties encountered in the process.

Liwu Wang chairman of the Li s arrival and Shanhaiguan leaders at all levels have been on Qin wang Group s concern and support expressed hear·tfelt thanks, He emphasizes, Qin wang Group will continue to promote scientific and technological innovation as in the past, as Shanhaiguans economic construction to contribute a force!

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