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Zhejiang Province, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee and the Qinwang group chairman met

Ben wang news: May 11, 2012 Zhejiang Provincial Peoples Congress Standing Committee vice director Hongjun Xu and Qinwang group chairman Liwu Wang met and talked, Wang  Dong  for  Xu  vice  director  introduced  Qinwang group in recent  years  development   history  and  status of enterprises, He said that the Qinwang group next strategic goals of the market will be from domestic to international, actively into the international first-class enterprise, make the product group and the international cutting-edge technology standards.

Xu vice director of the Qinwang group grows rate is fast, of Wang Dongs strategic vision highly appreciated, The membership in the investment outside the young entrepreneur said earnest care and fully affirmed, Xu deputy director said he was very supportive of the Qinwang group to catch up with world-class technology, of the Qinwang group go out of the country is full of confidence.

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