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The Qinwang Group Chairman to participate in the first meeting of the Shanhaiguan the 14th People's Congress

Ben wang news:February 14, 2012, the grand opening of the morning at 9 am Shanhaiguan the 14th Peoples Congress meeting in Shanhaiguan District government report of the meeting hall.

Meeting   place

The    meeting

Shanhaiguan Mayor——Yubao Cao government work report

Qinwang Group chairman—LiWu Wang listened carefully to the government work report

Elected in the General Assembly of the Bureau of the Assembly members, Listened to the the Shanhaiguan Yubao Cao head of the government work report, Cao head of the Government of the Shanhaiguan District, everyone must unify their thinking, deepen understanding, and consciously accept the peoples congresses of legal supervision, Seriously handle the deputies to the NPC recommendations and proposals to promote and improve the democratic decision-making mechanism, Wang, chairman and delegates to effectively enhance the performance of their duties responsibility, To ensure that the General Assembly to reflect the people, to solve the peoples livelihood and the success of the General Assembly.

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