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Shanhaiguan District Federation of entrepreneurs vice president (vice president) will discuss the retirement system in the Shanhaiguan held

November 20, 2015, Shanhaiguan district industry and Commerce Association vice chairman of the entrepreneur (vice president) rotating system of discussion will be held at the foot of the Shanhaiguan, Qin Electric Group Co., Ltd., chairman of the Wang Liwu as Shanhai Guan deputy chairman of the Federation of industry and commerce to participate in the discussion.

The meeting pointed out, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs (vice president) vice chairman of the Federation of industry and commerce work enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, strengthen the part-time vice chairman (vice president) participation awareness, service consciousness and sense of ownership, its membership services for the majority of ones ability and cleverness, master, and dynamic membership demands timely, innovation the activities of the members of CFIC organization mode, active atmosphere, enhance the Federation cohesion and centripetal force, formed a consensus based on extensive consultations, decided, in 2016, a part-time vice chairman (vice president) the executive chairman of the retirement system, in turn served as the "executive chairman", every month for a period of 2 is not rotating, each vice chairman in the executive chairman. Rotation period to participate in the Federation of industry and commerce authority leadership conference and meeting, on behalf of the business contact in district Party committee, the district government and the relevant departments of the meeting, to participate in the Federation of industry and commerce related activities, member companies to visit investigation, attended activities related to the member companies.

Wang Liwu, vice chairman of Shanhaiguan Federation of industry and commerce to attend the seminar

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