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Shanhaiguan District fourteenth people's Congress of the fifth meeting held in the mountains

On 20 January 2016, Shanhaiguan district the fourteenth session of the National Peoples Congress fifth conference opening, from the region of the fronts deputies entrusted with the peoples trust, around the "45" planning to discuss the reform and development plan, to build comparatively well-off society in the round to offer advice and suggestions. Qin Network Electric Group Co., Ltd. Wang Liwu, chairman of the National Peoples Congress, attended the meeting.

8 in the morning, the opening ceremony at the majestic national anthem. Mayor Zhang Jianjiang made the government work report. In the report, Jian Jiang Zhang Chang of "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, the main work made a review points out the achievements made in several areas; at the same time, Zhang Quchang for 2016 put forward the work schedule, he pointed out that in 2016 is 45 at the beginning of the year, but also to promote structural reform in the critical years. Do a good job this year, to maintain a good momentum of economic and social development, a high level of building a well-off society, opening a new journey in Shanhaiguan, has a very important significance.

The meeting, Shanhaiguan District Peoples Congress Chairman Wang Haichun will be the District Peoples Congress Standing Committee work report. Director Wang has reviewed the main work of 2015: a year, District Peoples Congress Standing Committee under the strong leadership of the party, faithfully perform their duties conferred by the Constitution and the law, around the center, serve the overall situation, pioneering spirit, do solid work, better play the role of local organs of state power, to accelerate the construction of coastal areas in Hebei Province took the lead in the development of leading highland to make a positive contribution; at the same time, Wang Haichun for 2016. The main task, also made the deployment and arrangements.

At the meeting, the District Peoples court president Liu Han District Peoples court work report. The report pointed out: since 2015, under the strong leadership of the party, in the District Peoples Congress supervision according to law under, under the strong support of the district government, District Committee and the community, district court to the full implementation of the expansion is the partys eighth session of the third and fourth, the Fifth Plenary Session of the spirit, closely around the "let the people in every sense of fairness and justice," a judicial case targets, the practice of "strict three real, deepen judicial reform, implement the judicial public, give full play to the functions of the trial, serving the regions central work, safeguard reform, development and stability, the work made new progress. In the report, President Liu Han for the work of 2016 also made a plan.

Shanhaiguan District Peoples Procuratorate Bi Haidong also made a work report. He pointed out: in 2015, the District Peoples Procuratorate leadership at the district Party committee and the city hospital, in the area of effective supervision of the NPC and its Standing Committee, in the strong support of the community, conscientiously implement the spirit of the partys eighteen and eighteen fourth and fifth plenary session, is fully fulfill legal oversight responsibilities, the inspection work to promote the stable; in 2016, the District Peoples Procuratorate to the spirit of the eighteen fourth and fifth plenary session of the party as a pointer, thoroughly implement the Regional Committee of the nine plenary session of the Seven meeting of the citys attorney and decision-making arrangements, and actively promote the reform of inspection tasks, and constantly improve the ability to perform their duties according to law, to provide a strong guarantee for the construction of Hebei coastal development the leading highland region I, a comprehensive well-off society.

Mayor Jian Jiang Zhang in the general assembly to do a report on the work of the government, "1025" review, looking "45", and has carried on the deployment of the 2016.

The District Peoples Congress Standing Committee Chairman Wang Haichun made "work report of the Standing Committee of Shanhaiguan District Peoples Congress"

District Peoples court president Liu Han do work report

District Peoples Procuratorate, the attorney general Bi Haidong to do the work report

Qin Network Electric Group Co., Ltd. Wang Liwu as a representative to attend the meeting

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