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the warmth of Spring Festival
     Spring Festival is approaching, in order to allow poor people to spend a warm and peaceful Spring Festival. Recently, Qin Electric Group Co., Ltd., chairman of the Wang Liwu came to the Shanhai Guan Bei Ma Dao Yu Lan Xiao home, to a family to send to the thick Chinese New Year blessings.
     Condolences to the Spring Festival, Wang Dongxian to Yu Lan Xiao family worship in the early years, and a cordial conversation with the family, and actively encourage Yu Lan Xiao family to maintain an optimistic life attitude, treat life, treat the future should be full of confidence. Kind words let Xiao Yulan family feel the warmth of love, driving away the cold winter.

     In the end, Xiao Yulan gave Wang Dong a rice, noodles, oil, fish, meat and other holiday gifts.

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