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The National People's Congress charisma - Wang Liwu: for the development of the power supply for the city people's livelihood suggestions

Private entrepreneurs Wang Li wusheng in Wenzhou, long in Qinhuangdao inherit ancestors business talent, and the fusion of city people industrious and simple.

In Shanhaiguan the hot spot, he established the district in the first approved by the State Administration for Industry and commerce without regional cross industry group company. For him, the National Peoples Congress, is a responsibility, a mission.

The so-called stem what crying what, Wang Liwu by electricity started, so elected District Peoples Congress, he is the focus in the area of construction of power facilities.

Shanhaiguan Lingang Economic Development Zone after ten years of development, has now formed a high-speed railway bridges, four major economic plates of food deep processing, shipbuilding industry and high technology manufacturing. With the continuous expansion of production capacity, power transmission problems are put on the table.

After repeated research, during the two sessions in 2015, Wangli generals a paper "on the promote Shanhaiguan Lingang Development Zone construction project proposal" submitted to the District Peoples Congress, a year later, a 110000 volt substation erected, 2016 will soon be put into use.

See the development zone of the substation built. Qinshan road stone town government no street lights, has become this year on the proposal submitted by Wang Liwu NPC and CPPCC.

Wang Liwu: since ancient times, to get rich first build roads, we now have the road, the street light matching things to keep up with, really make people travel is not so difficult.
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