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Qin network electricity sent warm happy auspicious year
    This news: another year of Spring Festival, is the most warm winter time. On February 3, Qin Electric Group Co., Ltd., chairman of the Wang Liwu with a company personnel to the Shanhaiguan District poverty population centralized support center, see where the elderly and children, give them sent to the need to celebrate the new year rice, noodles and other daily necessities, while it was sent to the deep care and deep wishes for the Spring Festival.
    Support center is set up by Zhang Xiuxia in 1995 after being laid off, apartment living elderly, disabled persons, orphans and disabled children. People who live here get the support and help from all walks of life. In this big family, old people kindly call her "good girl", the children in heart to call her "mother", the young and old generations, enjoyable.

    After the event, the architect said that charity is to benefit the communitys career and volunteer service is a heritage of the symbol of social civilization. This is a very meaningful activities, can be sent to warm, sent to health, bring happiness for the elderly, children, is not only an expression of love, but also a kind of social responsibility. Hope that after the opportunity, the companys staff can often come here, for the elderly and children bring happiness.

Wang Dong and Zhang mother cordial conversation

Wang Dong and Zhang mother cordial conversation

Qin network electric group for the elderly to send the apartment to the rice, noodles and other necessities of life

Zhang mother for the company leaders and employees about the touching story between the children and the children

After the end of the event, Wang Dong and Zhang mother and children with a group photo

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