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QinWangwork group held senior management meeting

  November 3, 2016, the group held a senior management meeting, the meeting informed the first third quarters of the data, including the amount of the contract and the responsibility of the signing of the contract agreement.
  The group project management department, the enterprise technology center, the tender control center on the current group is faced with staffing, project acceptance, bidding and other related issues were discussed and suggestions.
  Wang Liwu, chairman of the group, said that the new staff to carry out a detailed allocation of incompetent personnel should also be dealt with; can not blindly increase the staff, to ensure the quality of personnel. In addition, in accordance with the relevant government policies and regulations, but also the need for each project, the card to the post situation carefully combed.
  At the same time, chairman Wang Liwu said that we should attach importance to the three tasks: market, quality and inspection. Up to now, although the work has made a breakthrough, but we still have to spend a lot of effort to solve staffing problems. At the same time, we must change the strategy, the technology, the project site of labor contract, payment for projects, risk control and other issues properly addressed and implemented. An efficient team, is a tacit understanding and cooperation between each other, but as much as possible to make the team to maximize the potential for human financial and material resources to play the biggest role, so as to achieve the maximum efficiency.
  Finally, Wang Liwu requirements for the project site staffing, must be taken seriously, this is a very serious challenge. If this work is not done, the business group will be restricted, we will this work into the new normal work, and within two years to accelerate the pace of adjustment to the groups leadership must pay attention to, the relevant departments should also actively cooperate vigorously.

Senior management of the group attended the meeting

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