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Chairman Qin Wang group in Huludao city large enterprises Conduct site visits

   In April 28, 2016, Wang Liwu, chairman of Huludao Electric Steel Group Co., Ltd., was investigated on the spot. After investigation, the chairman Wang Liwu said, here, we not only feel the company leadership and staff of the hospitality, more important is we have learned a lot of valuable business and management experience. They are ahead of the market awareness, practical business positioning, scientific management tools, as well as the spirit of all staff are deeply infected with each and every one of us. It should be said that the trip to Huludao for the upcoming Qin network group reform and carry out the work of next year are very useful, a lot of experience of Huludao Steel Pipe Industry Co Ltd, more important is their way of thinking is worthy of our reference. Subsequently, the chairman Wang Liwu visited the Huludao national 4A scenic gourd villa, the successful conclusion of the investigation.

Shanhaiguan District Federation of industry and Commerce Director Liu Kexin and Qin Wang group chairman Wang Liwu and inspected in the workshop

Wang Liwu, chairman of the visit to the national level 4A scenic Huludao Hulu Villa

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