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The organization of the annual meeting activities to enrich the cultural life of employees

   In January 14, 2017, in order to further enhance the company cohesion, we cultivate a spirit of solidarity, enrich the cultural life of employees, Qin Network Electric Group Co. Ltd. organized staff to Laojun top spot carried out an open up a fresh outlook of team activities to welcome the new year.
   Enter the top ski Laojun, blowing fresh air can not help but breathe a few mouthfuls, looking ahead, ski snow in the sun shine. Not far from the white ski slopes, in which people are eager to as cheerful as a lark, everyone rushed to the snow, returning to embrace this lovely snow!
   In order to strengthen exchanges between the staff, improve the cohesion of the company, the staff first divided into four groups, two people were on the balloon, three foot, tug of war and so on several interesting, and teamwork to complete the game. We work together to complete the task, although the weather is cold, but everyones heart is hot, and ultimately led by the Minister of production led the team won, the company chairman awarded prizes for everyone.
   After the game, everyone began to free, ice, ice skates, snowmobiles and many other games, we play awfully. Of course, the most popular or skiing, after learning and practice, we have mastered the basic action essentials, they began to slide freely. Throughout the course of the event, we continue to challenge their own sliding height, encourage each other, enhance confidence. Although the process of learning will fall, but did not stop the enthusiasm of all sports, fell, and next to the colleagues to actively help you, slip a little better colleagues to teach you how to regulate the action. Everyone in the process of skiing experience the excitement of the snow, romantic, and never experienced the thrill of sport. Here, you can experience the soul fly, find a long lost laugh, feel the warmth of mutual help between colleagues. In a laughter in the end, until the left ski, we still lead a person to endless aftertastes.
   Back to the company, we began to prepare dinner in the evening, will cook colleagues began to show their skills, do not cook colleagues to help fight, with the very perfect. A table full of dishes and dishes will soon be completed, under the leadership of the chairman of the toast to celebrate the Qin network in 2016 to achieve brilliant results, and look forward to a better tomorrow in 2017. After dinner, all the staff in the staff room, leisure activities, and began to sing, sing dance, put down the pressure, to release their own. The chairman of the company also sings a song, meaning hope Qin performance goes farther, farther and better. In the cheers of the crowd came to an end.
   The event to strengthen the exchange between employees, enhance the feelings between employees, improve the harmony between the staff, has been praised by the staff.

The staff in the Laojun top spot photo

Qin Wang Group employees enjoy playing in the area

Qin Wang family prepared a sumptuous dinner together

Qin Wang chairman Wang Liwu led us to look forward to a good tomorrow Qin group network

Chairman Wang Liwu sang a song

Everyone to release their own, cheerful dance

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