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Wang Liwu was elected chairman of the Shanhaiguan Provincial People's Congress fifteenth

   According to the provisions of the "election law" and "the local organization law", as well as the citys general election meeting of the unified deployment, I District Peoples Congress election work from the beginning of 2016 November, has successfully completed the propaganda and mobilization, voter registration, preliminary candidate recommendation, formal candidates to determine the four phase of the mission, eventually completed in December 26, 2016 to carry out the unified election task. Among them, Qin Wang group chairman Wang Liwu attended the election meeting as Shanhaiguan Fifteenth National Peoples Congress candidate, and was elected the fifteenth session of the National Peoples congress.
   In December 11, 2016, the General Assembly announced the list of the fifteenth peoples Congress on behalf of the initial candidates, Wang Liwu, chairman of the league as one of the candidates. In December 14th, according to the provisions of the provincial, municipal and District Peoples Congress general file requirements related to "peoples Congress candidates nominated inspection audit work program", members of the group were investigated on the preliminary candidate Wang Liwu. In December 19th, after a rigorous investigation of the investigation group, the constituency of brewing consultations, Wang Liwu became the fifteenth peoples Congress on behalf of the official candidate. In December 26th, Shanhaiguan District of unified election, all voters cast a solemn vote at the meeting. Eventually, Wang Liwu was elected chairman of the Fifteenth National Peoples congress.

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