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2016 Qin Wang Group Co., Ltd.

   In 2016, the downtown pressure on the economy continued to increase, the international economic recovery arduous and tortuous. Qin Wang chairman Wang Liwu under the leadership of the company management team led all the staff together, unity and hard work, meet the challenge, as to, push forward the priorities and objectives.
   In mid 2016, Qin Wang group, Liaoning East River District wearing sunbrand net Industry Co. Ltd. successfully transmission. This marks the Qin Wang group has successfully entered the Liaoning market, the market share of more. Trans provincial transmission preparatory work is complex and important, Qin Wang group staff prepare information under the leadership of chairman Wang Liwu, several provinces, for the record, finally together, for the success of Xuyang Network Industry Co. Ltd successful transmission.
   In July 2016, Qin Wang group Qinhuangdao Fulinmen Food Co. Ltd., successful installation of high and low voltage cabinet, power distribution room. Fortune Hotel is Shanhaiguan catering enterprises, engaged in hotel large scale, high and low voltage cabinet, power distribution room is not installed, and there are a number of electrical companies want to cooperate with the fortune hotel through our technical staff enthusiasm and meticulous communication, Qin Wang electric group reputation in the industry, and ultimately determine the cooperation with Qin network group. Our company personnel according to the needs of the hotel door, within a specified period of time will be high and low voltage cabinet, power distribution room installed and successfully passed the acceptance, the cooperation has laid a solid foundation for Qin Wang electric group to enter the city of Qinhuangdao and Shanhaiguan District food and beverage industry.
   Qin Wang group in 2016 completed the Qinhuangdao Shanhaiguan food company, Qinhuangdao Hongyao energy-saving glass Co. Ltd., China United Network Communications Corp Qinhuangdao branch, Qinhuangdao branch of the China Co truction Bank Corp, China 66109 peoples Liberation Army troops and a number of engineering tasks, can be said to be a fruitful year. People believe that in 2017, Qin Wang staff will continue to create brilliant Qin Wang under the leadership of chairman Wang Liwu, Qin Wang tomorrow will be even better!

Qin Wang technical staff for the network industry of Xuyang site installation and commissioning

Qin Wang group is the fortune catering installation distribution room

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