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Yueqing City, the thirteenth session of the CPPCC grand opening

   The era of inspiring, mission stirring people. The morning of February 15, 2017, from the citys community a new session of the CPPCC members walked briskly into the administrative center hall conference center, attended the first meeting of Chinese peoples Political Consultative Conference of the thirteenth Yueqing municipal committee. Qin Wang group chairman Wang Liwu invited to attend the meeting.
   CPPCC municipal committee of the thirteen session of a total of 363 members, to the actual number of people, in line with the provisions of the constitution of the peoples Political Consultative Conference of the 359.
   9 in the morning, the General Assembly host Chen Yishu announced the opening of the CPPCC session of the thirteen. All rise please, for the national anthem.
   The meeting heard the work report of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC Yueqing Municipal Committee of the twelfth CPPCC Vice Chairman Xu Yang. The report, in the five years ahead of the exploration and practice, the municipal CPPCC accumulated valuable experience in six aspects: must adhere to the leadership of the party, always actively carry out the work in the Party leadership and support of the parties; must insist on serving the overall situation, has always been to promote development as the top priority of the CPPCC work must adhere to the advantage; the whole process, has always been the two major themes of unity and democracy throughout the work of the CPPCC; must adhere to their duties for the people, and always maintain the interests of the masses as the starting point and ending point of the work of the CPPCC members; we must adhere to the dominant position, always create favorable conditions for the members to play the main role; to keep pace with the times, always put the pragmatic innovation as a powerful driving force to promote the work of the cppcc.
   The meeting also heard a report from the municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Zhao Siping made a report on the work of the proposal since the twelve session of the municipal cppcc.
   Since the first meeting of the twelve session of the CPPCC, the CPPCC and CPPCC participating units, sectors, member contact group to political enthusiasm and high sense of responsibility, focus on the citys reform, development and stability of the work situation and the people concerned about the hot and difficult problems, through to perform the functions of the proposal, positive suggestions. Five years, a total of proposals submitted in the form of comments and suggestions put forward by the 1118, after a review of the filing of the case, the filing rate was 95.97%, and the number of cases was about 1073. Currently, the proposal has been fully re.

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Qin Wang group chairman Wang Liwu invited to attend the meeting

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