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Shanhaiguan pharmaceutical high-voltage cabinet project successful delivery

   April 13, 2017, Shanhaiguan pharmaceutical high-voltage cabinet project successfully sent.
   It is understood that the Shanhaiguan pharmaceutical high pressure cabinet project contract was signed in late March 2017, due to the production needs of the pharmaceutical industry in Shanhaiguan, the project time is tight, heavy task. Qin electric power employees signed a contract, pay close attention to the time to put into production, installation. On site construction and commissioning in April 10, 2017. 3 days later, for the successful delivery of Shanhaiguan pharmaceutical.
   The project can be completed successfully in such a short time, cannot do without the joint efforts of the chairman of the company and employees of the Qin Wang power, the company chairman Wang Liwu fully affirmed and encouraged all staff to Qin Wang power company for the power to make an outstanding contribution to the Qin network power company of all employees.

Shanhaiguan pharmaceutical high voltage cabinet project

Qin Wang power company employees in the field debugging

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