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Qin Wang group large life experience festival - "tree" (genus) in my growth

   Went to the Cherry ripe for a year, with the cherry tree full of green branches, indicates that the rich fruit. Have to pay in order to have the fruits of the harvest, for everyone to live and work and rest, experience life can get the pleasure of labor, can we call the cohesion, let everyone change in busy work mood. Qin network group special organization tree in my growth, large-scale long-term planting experience. The afternoon of April 18, 2017, Qin Network Group employees to experience the process of fertilization, the cherry orchard. Under the guidance of professionals, the study of digging, fertilization, everyone is very hard to do, the sun is very big day, but can not stop the enthusiasm of everyone to work. We actively cooperate with the high efficiency of the work, in the process of fertilization, work and rest, but also picked up a lot of wild vegetables, we all say that this is a meaningful experience.

Digging together

Employee fertilization

Chemical fertilizer truck employees

After the completion of the work of a group photo

cherry tree

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