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Qin Wang hotel expansion project officially started

    In early June 2017, Qin Wang hotel expansion project officially started, which marks the level of tourist reception in Shanhaiguan has reached a new level. Qin Wang hotel expansion project is a key construction project of Qin Wang Electric Group Co., Ltd. in 2017. The expansion and transformation of the hotel are implemented according to the national standards, and the configuration is fully functional.
   Qin Wang hotel is a collection of catering, accommodation, business, leisure and entertainment, set up by Qin Grid Electric Group Co., ltd.. Since its opening in August 8, 2016, the hotel has achieved good economic and social benefits by adhering to the tenet of "service first, honest management", strengthening management and high quality service.
   It is reported that the expansion project is based on the existing hotel, 13 new rooms, dining rooms 4. At the same time, the existing hotel transformation. After the completion of the project, the reception capacity is expected to reach 150 people / day. At the same time, it is of great significance to enhance the image of the city, improve the environment for development and promote economic and social development.

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