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The second session of the 14th municipal people's congress concluded

On December 22, the second session of the 14th peoples congress of the city of qinhuangdao fulfilled the agenda of the meeting and concluded at the victory of the workers cultural palace. The general assembly should attend the 336 delegates and the actual number of 300 will meet the quorum.
Xiang-wei meng secretary of municipal party committee, standing committee director Liu Chen, Gao Kun yuan, zhi-xin liu, deputy director of Eric, xian-min xu, Cao Yubao, Li Zhongtian, secretary-general Yang Shouyong on the podium in the front row seats.
In the podium city leaders have Zhang Ruishu, Tian Jinchang, Hao Zhanmin, yan, wen-ping liu, May Day guo-yong li, yu-guo Chen, Feng Guolin, LianRuYan, guo-sheng sun, fang hj, city intermediate peoples court, hua-jun, the city peoples procuratorate inspector general high grace.
Party committee member, vice mayor Chen feng invited to attend the meeting.
Other members of the presidium of the general assembly also took their seats at the rostrum.

Chairman of the standing committee of the municipal peoples congress and chairman of the presidium of the general assembly, liu chenyan, presided over the meeting.
The meeting shall be approved by a show of hands by the general invigilator and the invigilator.
The general assembly elected our city in the form of secret ballot for 35 deputies to the 13th peoples congress of hebei province, and 5 members of the standing committee of the fourteenth National Peoples Congress. The fourth meeting of the fourth session of the second session of the fourth session of the municipal peoples congress confirmed the results of the election. The election of the city in hebei province attended the 13th session of the National Peoples Congress representative will be submitted to the provincial standing committee, the standing committee of peoples deputies credentials committee review confirmed officially announced.
The general assembly adopted a show of hands and passed the regulations on local regulations of qinhuangdao. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the legislative law, the standing committee of the provincial peoples congress shall be submitted for approval.


The newly elected members of the fourteenth session of the municipal peoples congress have taken the oath of the constitution.
Mr Liu speaks at the closing ceremony. He said that the second session of the fourteenth session of the municipal peoples congress is an important meeting to fully implement the partys 19 spirit, plan and comprehensively promote all the work in the new era. Special emphasis on the 19th congress, adhere to and improve the peoples congress system and supports and protects peoples congress in accordance with law, exercise the legislative power, supervision, the decision to appoint and remove, personnel, and better give play to the role of peoples congress, the National Peoples Congress and its standing committee at all levels become a comprehensive job of all the duties given by the constitutional law authority, be keep close contact with the masses of the peoples representative organs. Work in the face of a new era of National Peoples Congress of the new situation, new tasks and new requirements, the delegates must not forget the beginners mind, keep in mind the mission, root in the play from the people, the characteristics of the people, "the home of peoples congress" activity in the ground, we, gather intelligence, when good is intimate friends the bridge of the party and the government and the masses of the people, to better reflect the peoples will, safeguard the rights and interests of the people, for the further implementation of "four city" strategy, promote the economic and social development, promote social harmony and stability.
Liu Chen he said, the newly elected delegates, is shouldering the expectations of its 3.09 million people in the city and the great trust, in accordance with law, exercise the functions and powers of the provincial peoples congress, glorious mission, responsibility, must further implement the partys 19 big spirit, consciously practice "four consciousness", firmly establish the "four confidence", faithfully perform their duties according to law, give full play to in promoting the provinces economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction and the role of ecological civilization construction, pioneered a new era for the economic strong province, beautiful hebei can contribute to the new situation. Fellow delegates to unite more closely around the party central committee with comrade xi as the core, with xi jinping new age the mind the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, seriously implement the partys 19 big spirit, under the leadership of the municipal party committee of strong, forge ahead, hard work, for the construction of the coastal city, beautiful harbour city and continue to struggle and cosmopolitan city.

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