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Entering the new era to open a new journey to realize the new as qinhuangdao city of the fourteenth session of the people's congress convened!

Consensus is gathering,
Wisdom is bursting,
Confidence is stirring.

These days,
At the "two sessions" discussing the work report of the government,
The representatives and the members of the committee have the hearts of the people,
The vision of the development of the heart is to express the counsel.
A lot of insight.
Striking an eclectic spark of thought,
A round of applause.
Freeze to a great moment...

The theory of development
How to build a first-class international tourist city?

"To promote the construction of first-class international tourism cities, to make first-class international tourism cities a breakthrough in the construction of an international city, and to make overall planning and guidance to push the development of cities to a higher level." The report on the construction of a first-class international tourism city has become a focal point for delegates and commissioners.
Arthur levinson, representative proposed only world cultural heritage, the Great Wall is the zhuhai should dig the shanhaiguan Great Wall, history, characteristic such as military, folk culture, to forge a international visitors experience the shanhaiguan city Chinese folk culture and traditional arts of window, along the development of the Great Wall, build old faucet, shanhaiguan GuanCheng, water nine at the gate of the Great Wall, the Great Wall brick kilns, the Great Wall pass Dong Gu mouth, seed watchmen of ancient villages, such as the Great Wall tourist route, Great Wall memory characterization, carrying forward the culture of the Great Wall.
Peng-yun zhang representative in the discussion, as a tourist city, to constantly improve the service level, make more tourists want to come, to come to, can come to retain, lived can play, taping, back to sell, then want to come again, come with a family and friendly. In addition, improve the quality of the service personnel is imminent, hope to related departments of tourism staff vocational training, organizational learning the advanced experience of service industry, also can undertake the selection activities, such as "the most beautiful scenic area" "the most warm heart hotel" "best waiter" and so on.
According to ji hong, building an international tourism city cannot ignore the quality of tourism service. In the meantime, it is necessary to enhance the competitiveness of the software and improve the quality of employees. At the same time, we should standardize the market, and let the illegal behaviors that disturb the market order for many years have no escape. We should give full play to the role of "Internet +", integrate the resources of enterprises and businesses, and work together to create an international tourism city.
"At present, our city is developing a full range of tourism, and I think it is necessary to vigorously develop rural tourism while developing high-end tourism." Li cheng said that the countryside has its own culture, history and resources, and it is suggested to increase research and investment in rural tourism. Cheng li also mentioned now do a home stay facility much more special, different levels, the government should formulate relevant policies and industry standards, "cant get the two rooms, a bed is a home stay facility, in the aspect of health, the function should have certain standards, improve the quality and level of the home stay facility."
Talk about peoples livelihood
Advise the people on difficult problems.
"The small day of the people is the great livelihood of the government." On behalf of, members think, qinhuangdao at the same time of developing economy, to pay more attention to social development, by speeding up education, culture, health, science and technology, social security and other social undertakings of the pace, achieve an organic unity of economic development and social progress, make people have more sense.
So, how can we bring more benefits to peoples lives and give people more access to our people? Over the past few days, delegates have been discussing the issue of peoples livelihood.
"In 2017, zhuhai was identified as old residential area of housing and urban-rural development reform pilot cities, we should take advantage of this opportunity, in the old village transformation of balanced barrier-free reconstruction, disabled friends." Commissioner jiang yuhong said that urban development should pay attention to the details and should carefully refine the reform plan and content. For example, the road and green space in the community should be smoothed or sloped. Such as parking places accessible parking, promote community public service places perfect barrier-free entrance, ground, armrest, low service counter, barrier-free toilet barrier-free measures, such as maximum convenient travel for disabled persons.
"I am very pleased to report that we have to work hard to solve the outstanding issues such as the school district and the school district, " he said. Liu representatives from education front, especially the rural education is very attention to education issue, therefore, she hopes to increase school, teacher and rural schools and teachers the opportunity to cooperation and communication, make rural children can also enjoy the high quality education resources. In addition, in recent years the newly-recruited of young teachers is more, some is not a normal class specialized graduation, the young teachers, have passion, but lack of experience in teaching and the teaching idea, she suggested that should be taken to the backbone teacher demonstration, sent to the class, the teacher lead, organize lectures, training, such as a variety of ways, improve the teachers professional young teachers theory quality, update their concepts of education, improve their teaching level.
Chen Liru representative put forward, and now the fail, need to maintain intubation, 24 hours of continuing care and action inconvenience, the life cannot provide for oneself, need daily continuous treatment even hospice care medical need more and more, because of the hospital and have corresponding pension institutions to raise pension beds, children spend a great deal of manpower and financial resources. Therefore suggested that the government dominant, reasonable allocate medical, health care, rehabilitation, endowment resources, push forward the medical combination of pension service system construction, make "a serious illness can cure ailments can cure, no disease can raise, dying can be filial piety".

Said the ecological
Adhere to the bottom line to protect green mountains.

This year, the government work report proposed "the weak link of pollution prevention and ecological construction, the implementation of the atmosphere, water and soil pollution prevention and control of three years plan, toward the beijing-tianjin-hebei urban agglomeration ecology city pacesetter target continuous power." In the case of qinhuangdao, the green mountain is the golden mountain. In these days, the ecological construction has always been the focus of the representatives and members.
"Our city is determined to create a national forest city in 2018, but there are still gaps and gaps in afforestation work in our city, as compared with the target requirements of the national forest cities." Xiang-chun meng members said, we still need to high standards to promote afforestation project, introduce talents, cultivating water, provide intellectual support for the forestry industry, while ensuring the coastal zone, forest trees, into a scene, to ensure that the duly completed national forest city.
"Taolingkou reservoir is located in the vicinity of qinglong sandahe village, with a total capacity of 859 million cubic meters, with a water area of about 70,000 mu. The construction of this project has enabled our city to live and industrial water to be solved, which is the source of drinking water for people. Ma Jinglong member is put forward, in the hope that relevant departments to establish long-term effective mechanism of taolinkou reservoir water quality of drinking water cleaning, in addition to the regular cleaning coast life rubbish, should also be a full-time water rubbish salvage team.
"The implementation of comprehensive development and effective management of sea and coastline resources is the need to implement the eco-city strategy." Li Keguo commissioner, said the rational utilization of the zhuhai shoreline resources, and realize the unification of the natural ecological space planning, orderly development and rational utilization, is the reasonable use of shoreline resources, protect the ecological environment of the important premise. He proposed to implement the "rules" the red line and ecological protection system as an opportunity to optimize the city space layout the shoreline gradually increase natural coastline of proportion, Marine environmental protection and restoration of science, and to improve the oversight system for the Marine environment and mechanism.
Lu Xinping representatives proposal, should form a sweet potato industry association as soon as possible, change the traditional one small workshops for production enterprise "unified processing, unified collection and processing", to solve processing problem of pollution.
Li Lijin representative said, at present our city is creating a national sylvania, should increase afforestation propaganda, improve the subject consciousness, more development landscape forest, economic forest, both increase the planting area, also to bring economic benefits to afforestation of households, raise the enthusiasm of the masses afforestation.

In the time series,
It is the shadow of the forerunner;
In historical coordinates,
Clearly etched in the crusaders footsteps.
This year is the year of the full implementation of the partys 19th great spirit.
Is the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up.
On the new starting point of reform,
Representatives, members.
Talking about economic development, peoples livelihood, and ecological environment,
Once again, the drum for the development of the port city.

There is an infinite longing in the new blueprint,
There is no limit to the new journey.
Dream before, mission on shoulder,
The people of qinhuangdao,
I was in a more splendid spring.

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