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The third session of the 14th session of the municipal people's congress concluded successfully.

New vision, tidal flat shore to urge people in;
In the new age, the wind is sailing.

On February 9, the party secretary, meng xiangwei, made an important speech.
On the afternoon of February 9, the third session of the 14th municipal peoples congress successfully concluded the agenda and concluded the victory of the municipal workers cultural palace.

Liu chenyan, director of the standing committee of the municipal peoples congress, chaired the meeting. The general assembly shall present 339 representatives, representing 315, in line with the quorum.
The general assembly voted to elect liu xinhong as the director of the qinhuangdao municipal commission of supervision by secret ballot.
Congress passed in the form of a vote on a bill review report, about the resolution of the peoples government work report in qinhuangdao, about 2017 plan for national economic and social development of qinhuangdao implementation with 2018 plan for national economic and social development decision, about 2017 budget implementation situation of qinhuangdao city and the resolution of the 2018 budget, about the resolution of the peoples congress standing committee work report in qinhuangdao, the resolution of qinhuangdao city intermediate peoples court work report, about the resolution of report on the work of the peoples procuratorate in qinhuangdao, about the bill that would accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry in zhuhai.

The newly elected chairman of the qinhuangdao municipal commission of supervision, liu xinhong, took the oath of the constitution.
The party secretary, meng xiangwei, spoke at the conference. City, he said, the 14th session of the National Peoples Congress examined and passed at the third meeting of the government work report and the report, has been clear about the goals and tasks of the current and future a period and key measures. The election of comrade liu xinhong as the first director of the supervision committee marked the progress of the reform of the national supervision system in our city.
Meng xiangwei said that this year is the first year to study and implement the partys 19th spirit, and it is the key year to finish the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects and implement the "13th five-year plan". We will further unified thought, build consensus, quickly determine the target tasks and the deployment of the meeting into common action, the whole city state on the spirit of never slack and indomitable struggle, walk in the coastal city, beautiful harbour city and international city construction new journey.

Meng xiangwei pointed out that to strive for a new journey, political stability and loyalty to the party. We must continue to grasp and learn. New era of socialism with Chinese characteristics to study and implement xi as chief political thought and the partys spirit of 19 major tasks, in accordance with the requirements of the whole party to a large study, consciously learning to understand have a good grasp of old-age fluctuation kongfu, real armed with xi jinping, new era the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Be firm in your loyalty to politics. Firmly establish a sense of "four", and always with the party central committee with comrade xi for the core keep highly consistent, consciously maintain the authority and centralized and unified leadership, achieve highly unified ideological, political consciousness firmly, forceful action. Combining study to grasp and implement, with the development and construction of the whole party must consciously to qinhuangdao, closely linked to the overall situation of national, nineteen of the partys great spirit and xi new era the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics into vivid practice in qinhuangdao. To strive for a new journey, we must focus on development and improve quality and efficiency. We must recognize that for a long time, qinhuangdao development is slow, poor quality, small volume, both to make up for all the amount of debt, and the pursuit of quality, facing the mass growth of double pressure, double duty. We must firmly grasp the central task of economic development, the "reality hero" tree with a clear-cut stand up and fight the turnaround of economic construction, to push forward "five one" the overall layout of the basic jobs.

Chairman of qin network group: Mr. Wang liwu cast a sacred vote.

Do we have to realize that after more than two years to solid groundwork, qinhuangdao continuous optimization of industrial structure, urban civilization unprecedented ascension, bottleneck gradually cracked and cadre attitude continues to change, are marching from quantitative change to qualitative change. We must realize that quality is life and quality is the future. We must conscientiously implement the new development concept, everbright qinhuangdao brand, continuously promote industrial transformation and upgrading, accelerate the construction of a modernized economic system, and strive to promote high-quality development. Strive for a new journey, and we must act in the present moment. We need to have a sense of crisis that does not advance, the sense of urgency that sometimes does not apply to me, and who is responsible for who I am. We must serve the masses and rely on the masses. We must earnestly implement the people-centered development idea, serve the masses with enthusiasm and rely on the masses closely. Time is a roll man, we are the answer, the people are the readers. In order to answer this volume, must put the peoples yearning for a better life as the goal, to play three big battle, earnestly implement the huimin policy, a solid poverty engines, pollution control, promote employment, letters and stability, such as social security, production safety work of the peoples livelihood. We must fully build consensus and inspire energy, and unite the more than 3 million people in the whole city. We must make a joint effort to make a joint effort to move forward towards our common goal. You must forge a hard team. We should follow the path of the party, follow the path of the party, listen to the public opinion, visit the people, solve the problems of the people, and draw on the wisdom and strength of the people.

Meng xiangwei finally stressed that the grand blueprint has been drawn and the new journey has begun. Let us unite more closely around the party central committee with comrade xi as the core, the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in jinping new era as the guide, dont forget to beginners mind, keep in mind that the mission, emancipate the mind, hard work, accelerate the coastal city, beautiful harbour city and international city construction, with honors to hand in a satisfactory answer to the people in the city.

  The assembly closed in the majestic national anthem.

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