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To celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the 9th society and to hold a New Year's meeting.

Patriotic, democratic and scientific system of theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the topic of, is the basic requirement of socialist core values, jiusan society is the creation of origin, characteristic of cultural heritage and spiritual support.
                                                                                  -- articles of association

During the 72 anniversary of the founding of the jiusan society anniversary, shanhaiguan jiusan society held in qin network group meeting room "the Spring Festival, celebrates the two sessions, jiusan society mass" activities, is a summary of results over the last year, but also on the outlook for the future one year work, members to celebrate, held a rich and colorful cultural activities.
Wang liwu, chairman of the deputy chairman of the qin network group, attended the event and delivered a speech.

Conference pointed out that, after the founding of new China, our club to the Chinese peoples political consultative conference for the common programme and the articles of association of the Chinese peoples political consultative conference (CPPCC) sum platform, actively participate in national political life of the major issues in the negotiation, organization members to participate in democratic reform and socialist transformation movement, to serve the socialist road, to consolidate the new peoples regime, recovery and development of national economy, and promote the socialist construction, especially the development of science and technology, higher education and medical health and other undertakings have made important contributions. After the third plenary session of the eleventh central committee of the communist party of China, the nature, status and mission of the society were further clarified. Our adhere to the economic construction as the center, adhere to the four cardinal principles, and adhere to the reform and opening up, earnestly perform functions of participating parties, for the socialist modernization drive has made significant achievements, developed into a construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics and an important force in safeguarding national stability and unity.

The members of the zijin flower art troupe have brought us wonderful programs.

Members of the society and the actors of the art troupe took photos together.

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