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Qin network group cherry picking Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving and love to peer

For the staff to enrich the amateur life, promote the communication between employees and collective activity on the busy work, to enjoy the fun, June 13, netqin Electric Group Co., Ltd. organization carried out "cherry picking, barbecue buffet, company general manager and all the staff together in the the event.

At 8 am, the crew of the company arranged for the car to start cherry picking trip. At nine thirty, we arrived in full of laughter in the car. The sky sporadic light rain, but this did not affect the enthusiasm and interest of cherry tasting. To picking garden we are divided into several groups, the bits and pieces of red and purple Cherry Orchard drilling, known as the "diamond in fruits of cherry feast to enjoy. A big cherry is rain washed more red, more attractive.

Cherry dinner an hour later, everybody just reluctantly left the cherry orchard, rushed to the next station -- self-service barbecue, self-sufficient self-service barbecue, let everybody bites, toast for fun.

Two oclock in the afternoon, cherry picking, the first day of the barbecue buffet. The return journey on the way, everyone said thank company you to relax the mood, enjoy play, after work will be more unity and cooperation and create greater success.

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