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Hebei private association of the Secretary General Yang Baoqi, director of a line of three people in Qinhuangdao City, Mu Guobo accompanied by the Secretary General to the Qin network

June 10, 2015, Hebei Province, a private association of the Secretary of the three people in Qinhuangdao, accompanied by the Secretary General of the city, Mu Guobo, Qin network Electrical Group Co., ltd.. In the survey, the king Dong Xiang Yang Baoqi director line leadership detailed introduces the Qin group this years market situation, strategic development goals, and qualification in the same industry, technical advantages, production operation of the enterprises and get the director Yang fully recognized and affirmed.

Director Yang said that illicit assist will for a long time has been concerned about and support the development of private enterprises, aim to promote healthy competition in the electric industry market and orderly development. Qin network group by virtue of their efforts to fully demonstrate their strength and positive as. Hope that the next step of the Qin network group to do a deep, do fine, to further enhance the brand value and corporate image.

Architect of leadership to give recognition and affirmation handshake thanked, general secretary of the association of private visit the Qin group after the development of to the great role in encouraging and believe that by Qin fishers of continuous efforts and innovation will promote the development of enterprises to a new level.

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