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hanhaiguan District People's Congress Wang Liwu as members of the inspection team to inspect the enforcement of the relevant units

The morning of June 16, 2015, Qin Electric Group Co., Ltd., chairman of the Wang Liwu as deputies to the NPC perform duties of National Peoples Congress, attended the Shanhaiguan District Peoples Congress Standing Committee of the administrative license law enforcement inspection plan "work report. At the meeting, Qinhuangdao City Public Security Bureau Shanhai off branches and Shanhaiguan District Urban Construction Bureau, on the implementation of the administrative license law, were reported.

Shanhaiguan Public Security Bureau, deputy party secretary of the army in the report pointed out that Shanhaiguan Public Security Bureau for the implementation of administrative licensing laws and regulations seriously carry out self-examination and self correction, combined with the duties and powers of the public security organs, involving the public security organ of the administrative license, administrative punishment, administrative enforcement and other aspects of the power list of the comprehensive verification and summary. During the important departments of the security brigade, criminal brigade and other important departments to check the group were reported. The inspection unit has carried out a question on the rate of solving the crime rate and the relevant economic expenses, and Wang represents the results of the report of the public security bureau to the satisfaction of the police bureau and the results of the inquiry.

In the Shanhaiguan district urban and Rural Construction Bureau for law enforcement inspection, the Construction Bureau of the inspection team of the inspection team conducted a report on the administrative regulations. In the report, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission for the basic situation, main practice and direction, the next step to aspects were reported, group to check the contents of the report very satisfied, and proposed to further strict requirements, and comprehensively improve the work ability and level of personnel of administrative license, the administrative approval fully in accordance with the law enforcement, and provide quality and efficient public services for the masses.  

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