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Shanhaiguan District fourteenth people's Congress of the fourth meeting heldin the mountains

n January 28, 2015 fourteenth, Shanhaiguan District Peoples Congress fourth conference held in the mountain, Qin Network Electric Group Limited company chairman Wang Liwu as therepresentative of the National Peoples Congress, attended the meeting.

8 in the morning, the opening of the general assembly in the majestic national anthem. Governor Zhang Jianjiang made the government work report. In the report, Zhang Jianjiang district on 2014 work made a review, pointed out in a few big achievements; at the same time, Zhang Quchang in2015 and made work arrangements, he pointed out that 2015 is the key year of deepening the reform of comprehensive, comprehensively promote the rule of law and the start of the year, but also complete the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" ending years, is particularly important to do a good job this year.

On the meeting, deputy director Li Xiujuan as the District Peoples Congress Standing Committee work report. The report pointed out: around the region economic development, earnestly carry out the work of supervision; strengthen the supervision of the peoples livelihood areas, safeguarding the fundamental interests of the masses; around the promotion of autonomous regions in accordance with the law, and actively carry out legal supervision; play the main role on behalf of, do a solid job of representing the personnel work; to strengthen the peoples Congress oneself construction, improve the level of the work of the npc. Deputy director Li Xiujuan proposed, in the future work, will be more serious, solid and effective work, let the satisfaction of Representatives, let the masses satisfaction.

On the meeting, District Peoples court president Liu Han made working report of District Peoplescourt. The report pointed out: to serve the overall interests as the goal, to strengthen thecomprehensive judgement work; in the interests of the masses as the fundamental, to implementmeasures to judicial justice for the people; open platform, promote judicial fairness and justice; toeducation practice as the starting point, to enhance the team construction level; to accept the supervision of security, ensure judicial behavior standardized operation. Liu Han Dean on 2015 work plan also make arrangements: promoting the judicial justice, serve the overall development;the practice of justice, strengthen team construction; ensure judicial justice, improve the quality and efficiency of trials; the promotion of justice, improve judicial publicity.

On the meeting, Shanhaiguan District Peoples Procuratorate Bi Haidong made working report. He pointed out that: in 2014, the District Peoples Procuratorate leadership at district and city college,in the District Peoples Congress and its Standing Committees supervision according to law, with the strong support of all sectors of the community, conscientiously perform the function of legal supervision, solid Shanhaiguan, Shanhaiguan recommended safe construction of rule of law, the inspection work to achieve new development. He also pointed out that, in the new year, district procuratorate will reform and innovation, overcome difficulties, to catch up, seize the high groundacross Shanhaiguan to make new and greater contributions.

Governor Zhang Jianjiang to make working report

Deputy director Li Xiujuan as the District Peoples Congress Standing Committee work report

District Peoples court president Liu Han made working report of District Peoples court

District Peoples Procuratorate Bi Haidong Shanhai procuratorial work report

NPC deputy Wang Liwu to attend the meeting

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