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Qinhuangdao CNEKE New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., long-term commitment of new energy technology research, development and utilization, focusing on solar energy central hot water system, solar wind and solar systems, air-source heat pump system, central air conditioning systems, ground source heat pump, water pump , to warm the project, and other areas of technology development, product development, new application of the results.  

Qinhuangdao, CNEKE New Energy Technology Co. will quickly adapt to the layout of the countrys new energy industry to accelerate product development of new energy and new energy technologies to use the pace of economic growth in order to actively integrate into the green system, promote the sustainable development of Chinese economy and the environment. At the same time, further strengthen the new energy research institutes at home and abroad to communicate, exchange, cooperation, mutual benefit, harmony and development, actively participate in a fair, orderly, efficient, prosperous and harmonious development of new energy system.   

Our mission is: Never forget corporate social responsibility, and strive to do a contribution to the state and society. For making our sky clearer, for our environment more beautiful, for our children and grandchildren to stay healthier, we insist on the pursuit and exploration of relentless available resources.

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