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Scientific development, independent innovation is the only way, with independent intellectual property rights, master the core technology is the immutable law of business development. Qinwang technology R & D and marketing electrical closely for different customer groups to develop individualized programs to produce a generation, research and development generation, reserve generation, creating a huge power production and sales value.  

Qinwang Group has its own research base, and established market closely, cutting-edge technology research on behalf of the international consulting and technology development and training institutions, the tasks are: globalization, integration and advanced technical resources, personnel training, higher education and scientific research comprehensive institutions, to develop cutting-edge products with independent intellectual property rights, as well as technical testing, the international certification. Qin network groups focus on communication and exchange with peers, enhance mutual understanding and cooperation, industrial electrical grasp new technologies, new technology and cutting-edge information technology and traditional techniques continue to be improved, sustainable and efficient manner to enhance core competitiveness.

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